Zoe’s first blowout

Zoe got a blowout the other day. She’s loving her fancy straight hair, with the slight curl at the end.


So why would I give my girl with the most gorgeous curls ever a blowout?

Because she has lice. Zoe has lice.

(Stop scratching your head. You probably don’t have it. I might though!)

It’s bound to happen, and it happens to everyone, and all that (except me! I never had lice! Until now, maybe!).

This ain’t our first lice rodeo, and it’s a little disturbing how quickly my fingers rediscovered the old method of separating the hair into the most ridiculously thin sections to comb through.

But it’s still gross and time-consuming and eye-straining. The lice are the exact same color as Zoe’s hair, so I have to depend on a really good lice comb. There’s a lot of laundry. There’s also a lot of psychosomatic scalp itching.


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    I am sending you lots of love and booze and food.
    And friend, we have been there twice and a close call this summer.
    Hang in there.

  2. Good luck. The first time we had it, I was in the hospital giving my birth and my in-laws discovered it. We shaved Gabriel’s head and chopped Juliet’s hair and I was still freaked out afraid the hairless infant was going to get it.

    I’m more chill now.

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