Halloween 2016 in the bag. Along with lots of candy. Please, someone come rescue me from the candy.

This year we had some real (cute) characters.

claire chica fnaf
Claire // Chica from Five Nights at Freddy’s // refused all face paint

Yellow dress and Chica accessory kit from Hot Topic. DONE. The deranged look on her face is part of the character. I think.

pusheen costume diy
Rachel // Pusheen the Cat

Rachel’s obsession with Pusheen is strong, and seeing as the Pusheen costumes were a) all adult-sized and b) $75, and the Pusheen sweatshirts were a) also adult-sized and b) all sold out, we went for the DIY sweatshirt.

So do you know how hard it is to find a plain gray hoodie? I mean, if you aren’t actually looking for one, they’re everywhere, but once you really find yourself in need of a light gray zip-up hoodie, no, not the dark gray thank you, and yes, it HAS to be a zip-up, they are nowhere to be found. Target online men’s small, you are my Halloween hero. And she will be able to wear you for the next 5 years or so.

pusheen costume diy
From the back. I’m ridic proud of this thing.

I know it’s not the real thing, but she loves it, and I hope she continues to do so.

Also, I am always surprised when someone doesn’t know who Pusheen is. I guess not everyone lives on the internet, huh?

pusheen the cat

Next up.

tiger costume diy
Zoe // tiger // hasty last-minute face paint attempts

Zoe had difficulty with her costume decisions this year. Her first idea was a puppy dog, which at first I thought would be super easy, if only she wouldn’t keep shooting down all of the great ideas my friend Pinterest came up with. Then she got super specific:

“I want to be a red and purple dog.”

“Like a red dog with purple spots?”

“No. Like redandpurple all over.” [gestures wildly around torso]


So I was thrilled when she spotted a Tiger headband/tail combo at Party City and changed her mind. Tigers are her favorite land animal anyway. (Yes, she has specific favorites for land and sea – dolphins for sea, if you must know – and insists on only reading factual animal books. Let me tell you how fun those are at bedtime.)

And just like the gray sweatshirt, a plain orange shirt was impossible to find, so we went with the orange felt over the black tank top because it’s still in the high 80s here and it’s just getting ridiculous. The plan was to just get the front done enough for her to wear it to gymnastics last Wednesday, but I never had time to do the back or the leggings, and she was fine with it and was basically the cutest tiger ever.

diy tiger costume chica costume pusheen costume

I’m participating in the annual National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), so my posting will be more frequent that usual. Why? Because going from blogging maybe once a month to every day sounds like a great idea for someone who has commitment issues and likes to sleep a lot. Wheeeeeeeee!

Stick around! Or don’t! It’ll be fun.

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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  1. OMG – I have commitment issues and like to sleep a lot, too! And I didn’t update my blog enough, either. It was those commitment issues we talked about. I actually just started a brand new one and figured jumping into NaBloPoMo with both feet was as good a way as any to break it in. And I, too, finished my first post somewhere between 10:30 and 11 PM. Yay, night owls!

    I really enjoyed your wit, and seeing your beautiful family’s Halloween photos! Oh, and thanks for educating me about Pusheen. I didn’t know who Pusheen was, so now you’ve “met” someone who falls into that category 🙂

    Good to meet you!

  2. Those costumes are great. I have a real weakness for embellished-with-felt costume ideas. Felt really is the mother of all wonder materials. That and a roll of tulle and you can rule Halloween forever.

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