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Welcome! I’m Leigh Ann, a freelance writer and blogger living in Austin, TX. I’m a lucky wife to an amazing husband, and a pretty good mom to twins plus one. Everyone’s healthy, and no one’s been seriously injured, so I think we’re doing okay.

Pre-kids I was an art school grad turned banker. Turned super mom. Turned blogger and freelance writer.  I vow to call myself a “professional” someday, hopefully in something other than butt wiping.

I started blogging here in 2008 after coming to terms with the fact that baby books weren’t really my thing and that I needed to document life with preemie twins and massive sleep deprivation. The twins are now 4, their “baby” sister is 2, and the sleep deprivation continues to get worse. Uhhhh….

In between avoiding the laundry and trying to keep the peace, I blog about the good and bad. I make endless meals that the short people don’t eat. I spend 99% of my cleaning efforts on my kitchen, which immediately becomes a biohazard danger again. I read books that make me feel literary. I play Words With Friends so I don’t get Alzheimer’s. I run sometimes. I don’t watch TV. I’m a pretty good cook, a mediocre photographer, and a horrible housekeeper. Despite my thinking I’m quirky, I’m probably horribly average.

In addition to this space, I serve as co-producer for the Austin production of Listen to Your Mother. You can sometimes find me as a contributing writer at Free Fun in Austin, giving the deets on hyper local events around my favorite city. I’ve been featured on BlogHer, in Multiplicity Magazine (pg 33), and I was honored to be included in the cast of the 2012 Austin production of Listen to Your Mother. In 2015 I performed in Testify ATX, a live storytelling show.

Here you’ll find my sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but always real take on day to day life. If you want more, email metweet me, or check in with me on Facebook. I’m nice, I promise.




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