That Christmas

I was 7 months pregnant with Zoe for Rachel and Claire’s second Christmas in 2009. I don’t remember a lot about that holiday, other than being tired and uncomfortable. What I do remember is that particular Christmas was not a joyous season for me. I was exhausted and devoid of Christmas spirit. Decorations were sparse because […]

SOPA, the circus, and oh yeah, I have a job!

What is SOPA? I wanted to get this up Tuesday night, since Wednesday was the day everyone was protesting, but as usual, I’m late to the party. Things just weren’t working in my favor yesterday, mainly the hands on the clock. But this is important information to have, so here you go! Have you heard […]

New Years…when you’re a parent

When you have kids, New Year’s takes on an entirely different meaning. Correction: When you have kids, New Year’s takes on an entirely different meaning unless you’re on of those lucky bastards who has a nanny, baby sitter, or selfless family members in town willing to sit with your kids all night and maybe even […]

On the night before Christmas…

Christmas Eve is magical. Especially with young children. We Skyped with Grandma and the rest of Christian’s family in North Carolina. The girls opened their lovely presents, thanked everyone gratefully, and went along their merry way playing with their new goodies. {Um, actually the kids all went berzerk, crying about opening presents while Dad tried […]

Merry Birthday/Happy Christmas cookie delivery

    This is my dad.   He turns 66 on Saturday. Now I know it’s rude to give away his age like that, but he’s a modern man who doesn’t care about such trivial things. He’s rockin his 60s. My dad has the misfortune that is the December birthday. When I was growing up […]

Holiday rememberance

The holiday season is exciting and magical with young children. As they grow, little moments start to come out of the woodwork–moments that will become traditions and things that I want my children to remember when they’re older and attempting to create their own lives. Like holiday baking. As soon as people start talking about […]

An Attitude of Gratitude #21

Welcome to my Sunday Attitude of Gratitude! Read here to find out why I started this weekly gratitude post. I know. I’ve been a little absent with AoG. Life has been getting in the way and I haven’t really been feeling it. But like Christian said, I need to push on through and remember the little things […]

Pumpkin? Too bad, you’re a butterfly.

This is probably the last year that I can dictate what Rachel and Claire are going to be for Halloween. They’re starting to form those pesky opinions of their own. But I went ahead and chose something for all three of them. As the holiday neared, we talked about dressing up. They were excited about […]

How do you go on?

My friend Charley died on Sunday. He was 34 years old. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and a 6 year old son. From what I know, which isn’t much, Charley died of complications from multiple sclerosis, and it was somewhat sudden. Although I hadn’t seen them in probably over two years, Charley and Christian […]