Today was (finally) the first day back at school (hooray!) for the 4 year olds (yippee!). And I didn’t sleep a wink last night. All summer long, as we trudged through gymnastics classes, swimming lessons, and day after long day here at home, I’ve said that I absolutely cannot wait until these two are separated in school […]

Anatomy lesson in the pool bathroom

We met some friends today at the pool for some late morning/early afternoon swimming. We twin moms tend to travel in packs. It’s really nothing to us, but the parents with just one or two kids kind of gawk a us as we spill into the pool area with our collective 8 children — SIX […]

Swimming lessons! Or something of the like.

Last Monday we started swim lessons for the big girls. I was mega excited! Swimming! Learning! These girls are water crazy, and since we joined the YMCA, they’ve practically taught themselves to hold their breath, propel themselves underwater, and you know, SWIM. I figured it would help to learn some skillz other than just flopping […]

The did list

Do you operate from a to-do list? I admit I’m very easily distracted. Have you read the poem If You Give a Mom a Muffin by Beth Brubaker? That woman is in my head. And possibly in my house. But I do feel more productive when I have a neat little list of things to […]

Some poetry for you

I’m feeling very poetic these days. See for yourself.   Go to sleep All three of you You got up too early And I’m effing tired.   If Claire is nowhere to be found, Mind you now, she’s laying down. If to dream land she slips away, Tonight there will be hell to pay.   […]