this actually happened (a dental nightmare)

So let me break down the last week. a)    NaBloPoMo ended unceremoniously, since I skipped out on the last few days. I didn’t mean to, but being out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, coupled with my lack of planning and a dash of laziness, made finishing the month out less than desirable. I’m always […]

those damn Facebook memories

I love the Facebook memories feature. I also hate the Facebook memories feature. It’s fun to scroll through the things I’ve said or posted in the past, especially when it involves chubby babies screaming at each other in an echoing hallway. (If I could figure out how to embed that video here, I would, but […]

celebrating prematurity

A version of this was originally published on November 17, 2011. I remember standing in my hospital gown at Claire’s bedside at 3 days old, staring at her tiny then 2 lb 12 oz body all curled up on her tummy with her bottom in the air, swimming in a preemie diaper. I remember the […]

balance and progress

This photo’s a little dark and blurry; it’s hard to photograph kids on scooters when you’re already significantly behind them. I’m trying to capture Rachel coasting on this downhill stretch, with her right leg up off the ground. She’s completely balancing on her left leg for several yards at a time. This is a big deal. These […]

the red flags that weren’t really red

This parenting thing, man. So much has happened since this summer that has taught me a lot about my kids (and myself). I’m not really sure how to dive into this topic, so I’ll just pour a glass of wine and jump right in. Some events from this past summer (and prior to that, if I’m […]

sentimentalism at the local Costco

I got bummed out today. At Costco. Rachel and Claire have snapped right back into the school routine without me having to follow them around all morning, wagging my finger and whispering sweet nothings into their ears like “TEETH!” or “SHOES” and “It’s not necessary to change your underwear for a third time this morning.” […]