the best Mother’s Day gift is finding out what your kids really think of you

Let’s talk about how awesome kids can make you feel when they’re asked a series of  random questions about you. And then let’s talk about how when you dig a little deeper, kids are, like, really self-absorbed, right? It’s like they know Mother’s Day is ultimately all about them, because without them, you would not be celebrating Mother’s […]

admissions: on cupcakes and training

Last Friday as I was gathering up Zoe’s lunch and jacket and urging her to get her shoes on and trying to locate her water bottle that’s always missing, I stopped in the middle of the living room and groaned. Dammit. What’s wrong? Christian asked. And I explained that since Sunday was Zoe’s birthday, today would […]

first day of first grade photo bonanza

Obligatory first day of school photos in front of the door! First day of first grade. It’s damn near impossible to get a photo of them together where they aren’t practically making out. Twins. What can you do, eh? Claire had her heart set on her long skirt and tank top. Rachel originally picked out a skirt, […]