Date nights for boring, old people

Anniversaries as parents to little kids are hard. For our eleventh last week, I was content to do our usual romantic take out from That Place That’s Good, But Not Too Expensive, You Know, The One You Ordered From Last Year? But nay. This boy, he’s a romantic, even if he does preface the evening […]

Need to do, want to do, and what I’ll probably actually do

We’re entering week three of kindergarten and week two of preschool, and I still haven’t settled into a routine. I didn’t expect it to happen right away, but we’ve had some hiccups along the way, like Claire being sick the two days after Labor Day and Zoe, the world’s tiniest dictator, being with me the […]

Dinner time: a liveblogging adventure

I’m a big believer in dinner prep TV time. Judge alllllll you want, with your children who want to help you cook or set the table or make tiny Brawny swans for a centerpiece. My children? They have good intentions. To drive me crazy one dinner at a time. Last night we had exhausted our […]

You better check yo’self. Your skin, I mean.

It’s time for your friendly neighborhood PSA about skin checks! Don’t’ click away. It’ll be fun. Also, you might not want to be eating right now. I had to go see the dermatologist the other day to get a mole checked out. ┬áDon’t go “ew” or anything, it wasn’t that gross. I hate to spoil […]

5 year old philosophy and some stuff

On good advice: Christian: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Claire: A monkey swings from a tree. Christian: Damn you’re good.   On the original philosophical masters: Have you ever heard of Socrates or Plato? Yeah. Those are ostriches.   On animals: How do animals eat? With their mouth. But people eat food. […]