what I’m watching: gloom & doom edition

As part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I share with you what I’m streaming on Netflix. What should I watch next? It’s not all gloom and doom, I promise! But with Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve dialed up some old favorites, plus a few new ones. First off, the Netflix series Narcos is fantastic.It’s […]

back to school with Zappos and the #dayofwow

This post is generously sponsored by Zappos. “How many balloons do you think are in there?” I asked my kids, pen poised over the scrap of paper to place in the jar. “Five thousand fifty hundred!” So we need a little work on our numbers. Mainly the concept that “five thousand fifty hundred” is not […]

some stuff: tell it to my heart edition

I’ve had this Some Stuff sitting in my drafts for ages. Meh. It’s summer. We’re busy summering and stuff. First off, I watched the new Tig documentary, and it was amazing. Of course. But probably almost as amazing was getting retweeted by Taylor Dayne.   Interesting conversation on the GiaB Facebook page the other day: […]