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High on life. Or sugar.

This week I’m linking up a little video for iPhone Photo Phun. I couldn’t resist letting y’all see a peek into life with two three year olds and one not-yet two year old.


The real question is….

How much sugar has the big kid had???


Now go check out Liz and Kristin’s linkup!

iPhone Photo Phun

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Amazing talent

I’m linking up again with #VlogTalk today to show you guys something special.

Like really special.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Are you ready?

And for those of you who are wondering….no I didn’t get to shower before recording this. It was THAT important.

Ok, now to go get rid of this eye crossing headache…

Vlog Talk

Know what else is really special? Getting a great deal on great food from a great local taco stand owned by…twin parents! Today’s Juice in the City deal is $7 for $15 worth of gourmet tacos from Izzoz Tacos. Trust me, you want to try Izzoz…their breakfast tacos are the bomb, and the rest of the menu will make your mouth water! Get the deal HERE!

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Knocked up with #VlogTalk

I’m back with another installment of #VlogTalk with Jessica, Kate, and Elena! I’ve missed you vlogging peeps.


Many of you know that the little one we call Zoe was, um, not exactly planned. We call her our Outer Banks souvenir. Here’s a little reenactment of how it all went down.

Finding out about the pregnancy, that is. Not the conception itself. This isn’t that kind of site.





So there you have it. Big surprise, lots of shock, and a whole lotta adjustment. But we persevered, she’s here, and she’s awesome.


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Vlog Talk – Magazines we have but don’t read

I’m linking up once again with Vlog Talk! You thought I was done after last week, but let me tell you — vlogging is kind of addicting, and now that I’m learning my way around iMovie, it’s getting much easier.

But before we get to my mad vlogging skillz, go check me out over at BizChickBlogs, where I’m talking about whether or not I want to homeschool my children and weigh in on the conversation! contributor



And now the vlog you’ve all been waiting for:


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Sisters, grandparents and Quentin Tarantino

Today I’m linking up with #VlogTalk, the brain child of the lovely Kate, Elena, and Jessica.

I’m here to tell you how we came up with our kids’ names and why they’re so special to us. While I should have probably done the prompt “Why I don’t vlog,” I think you’ll be able to figure that out yourself once you watch me on video.

Also, my mic is dumb, so there’s a bit of a high pitched sound during the whole thing, and apparently I didn’t talk loud enough? Turn up the volume!

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