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January: I gave a rundown of my rendition of The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist for Missy at Wonder, Friend.

April: I shared the tale of how I came to be a mother of three with my friend Kristin at What She Said in Three Kids is [NOT] a Piece of Cake.

April: I was also chosen as one of the cast members for the 2012 Listen to Your Mother Austin, an amazing lineup of women, each sharing their unique view and experience with motherhood. I will forever be proud and humbled by that experience. Visit our YouTube playlist to watch the whole show.

June: On the one year anniversary of my 2011 guest post at Mommy of a Monster, I shared a different tale about the incidents that bring out the badass mom in me.

July: I was thrilled to be invited to contribute to Kludgy Mom’s popular guest post series Around the Bonfire, where I admitted that there are just some things I don’t want to talk about with my girlfriends.

September: One of my favorite posts, It’s Just a Thing, was selected for syndication over on BlogHer.

September: Greta from G*Funk*ified invited me to share a moment in her Great Expectations series. I shared a time when I may have judged someone too quickly.


January: I told it like it was, review style, in Let’s Be Honest: You’re Juice Ain’t That Great at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.

March: I broke down a handful of local parks from a twin mom’s perspective for Free Fun in Austin.

April: I confessed what triggers my Type A neuroses in Don’t Mix the Play Doh at Mom Went Crazy.

April: One of my favorite posts, I Have a BS in Motherhood, was syndicated on BlogHer.

May: I helped dollimama Celebrate One at Life Not Finished.

June: I shared my worst Monster Mommy Moment over at Mommy of a Monster & Twins.

July: I headed north for a day to get out of the Texas heat and experience a Canadian Summer with Multitasking Mumma.

September: This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff hosted me again to talk about my favorite place to stay when traveling with three young kids.

October: I was thrilled that Blogher Family spotlighted (spotlit?) a recent post about choosing battles with three year olds, Fighting the Ridiculous Fights.


I’m also a contributing writer over at the local site Free Fun in Austin, and you can also find me making fun of my favorite products at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.