what I’m watching: bandwagon edition + a giveaway!

As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I get to share my favorite things to stream online. Hang out to the end to enter to win a year’s worth of Netflix! Yeehaw!


The giveaway is closed. Congrats to Gena! She won a 1-year complimentary Netflix membership! Thanks to everyone who entered!


Something you should know about me is that I am not a bandwagon jumper. If there is something out there that everyone else is watching, you can almost guarantee that I am not. It’s not completely intentional at first. We don’t have cable, so everything I watch is on Netflix or “other online sources” for more current shows.

So a new show comes on that has a little buzz. People start watching that show. People start talking incessantly about that show. And I’m still not watching it, because there’s no sense in starting a show 7 episodes in. The show gets glowing reviews. Now I’m starting to ignore it. Then people start saying OMG! Are you watching THAT SHOW? And now I’m starting to get a little indignant. Like why would I want to watch what everyone else is watching? Not to mention the recaps and tweets and you may as well just stay off social media if you aren’t able to watch THAT SHOW right away.

But you know why everyone in the world is watching THOSE SHOWS? Because they are good. 


Here are some shows I’ve been watching recently that are making me a total bandwagon jumper. I know it may all be old news to you guys, but 2006 was a good year, and it’s not really bothering me to live it again through Netflix.


friday night lightsFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

I admit, although I had seen the movie, I never ot into this show because I was not a football girl. I’m still not a football girl. But I saw so many people so crushed over the ending of this series, and more people still who continue to talk about it. Someone I know even had WHAT WOULD TAMI TAYLOR DO? bumper stickers made. I had to see what it was all about. And you know what? I love it. So much drama and heart and love. The Matt Saracen/grandma story is killing me.




sons of anarchySONS OF ANARCHY

When it first premiered, Sons of Anarchy appealed to me exactly none, even after it started to get glowing reviews. We’re only a few episodes in, but it’s more than just violence and a bunch of motorcycle badassery. I mean, there is a lot of violence and motorcycle badassery, but there’s also a good heart and a preemie baby and Katey Sagal kicks ass as Mama Gemma.





breaking badBREAKING BAD

Another show that I heard loads about, but had no means of watching sans cable, we made it about halfway through Breaking Bad before inadvertently throwing in the towel when I went out of town and ended our binge streak. But I was never that fully invested in it. I didn’t love the premise of the show, I liked ZERO of the characters, and it killed me that Jesse seemed to have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But several people have assured me that Jesse will MORE than come through in the end, so I’m planning on getting back into it soon.


So what’s next? Gilmore Girls? Scandal? Dexter? Give Doctor Who another try?


all hail king julienAs for the kids, we checked out the new Netflix original All Hail King Julien, and the girls loved it. I foresee a lot of I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT in our future.









Now! I have a year’s worth of Netflix streaming to give away to one lucky reader. Just comment below and tell me what you’ve been watching, what you want to watch, or what you think I should watch. One entry per person please! Giveway ends Sunday, January 4, 2015 (new year!) at midnight, CST. 

Edited to add: Giveaway is good for 12 months of Netflix online streaming only.

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some stuff: “I’ve been busy” edition

I’ve been busy, blah blah blah, HOLIDAYS, blah blah blah, WORK, blah blah blah, SICK CHILDREN, blah blah blah. Pretty much all of that.

I’m not one to apologize for not blogging, but I’ve been too busy to think in anything longer than 140 characters. Aside from baking about 8 million cookies, agonizing over Christmas cards (photo or traditional? I prefer traditional, but really, it’s all too much work for me), and trying to keep gift lists of three ridiculously different children straight, I have an actual J-O-B. It’s not blogging or writing, but it still has to do with blogging and social media, and I still get to check out a bunch of blogs, and is that vague enough for you? Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. But being able to check actionable items off of a to-do list makes my middle-brained self all giddy and such.

Anyway, what initially was “Sure! I can do 20 hours a week!” has turned into, “EIGHT? I’ve managed EIGHT hours this week?” Even with three kid-free mornings, I’ve had to rearrange my schedule a bit and grab hours whenever I can. In the end though, I feel lucky that I can do this and still be here to pick up my kids from school and hang out with them in the afternoons.

TL;DR version: I’ve been busy. So here’s some stuff.


some stuff

The nice people at ChatterBlock named Genie in a Blog one of the top Austin mom blogs for 2014. Thanks, ChatterBlock!

Look at the Stars. Look How They Shine for You. From Flourish in Progress: “The fear of transitioning from someone’s child to someone’s mother without the luxury of becoming a grown-up first made me feel small and flimsy. When I closed my eyes at night, I imagined my arms growing longer and longer, grasping for the closest star, each one bright and beautiful and seemingly within reach. I’d wrap my hand around the light, but each time I brought my fist close and peered in, there was nothing but dark space.”


This kid has managed to combine two of my favorite things: ice cream and sleeping.

My kids’ teacher gifts have pot leaves on them. Oops.

If you’re like me and get bored of the same old Christmas songs, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Vanessa Peters Holiday Station on Pandora. Vanessa is a long time friend of mine and a talented singer/songwriter, and I feel like this station was made JUST FOR ME.

Are you watching Vikings? It’s terribly gritty and devoid of any LACK end tables.

Claire and Zoe and I got a chance to see a sneak peek of the new Annie movie, and it was fantastic! They did a good job of creating a new version, while still retaining many of the original songs. But while we enjoyed it, I do suggest parents of adoptive children read this post from Rage Against the Minivan: What adoptive parents will want to know about the new Annie movie.

Why I’m Glad We Chose the ‘Underprivileged’ Local School. From Andy Hinds on the New York Times Motherlode blog: “I had wanted my children to have a close-knit school community experience that I was not even sure really existed; and days into our kindergarten career, I realized that it was even better than I had hoped.”

Finally, don’t forget you can save 10% off of your ZOOMA Texas registration with the code LEIGHANN15.


Alright, I’m out. If you don’t hear from me before Christmas, then have a happy and joyful holiday full of merriment and brightness and hopefully very little whining.


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things that made me feel better on a really crappy day

Crappy days are going to happen. I admit that often a day’s crap factor has a lot to do with whether or not the kids are being difficult, or if I’m tired, or if I’m distracted. But today was more like just a series of unfortunate events, all Lemony Snicket up in here.

For starters:

• I was tired. I’m always tired. These 6am wake up calls are brutal. By Wednesday I’m dragging, and by Friday I am questioning the purpose of life itself.

• I was rushed. I got the big girls off to school okay, but in the hour and a half between their drop off and taking Zoe to preschool, I felt completely pressed for time, with all of my to-dos hanging over my head.

• Christian spilled my coffee. All over Zoe. Everyone promptly lost their shit in attempts to clean up and tear piping hot clothes off of the traumatized 4-year-old.

• I looked at my dining room table that I had just cleaned off the night before and just could not with all of the drawings and stickers and markers and tiny scraps of paper from having to make snowflakes at a rate of 37 per minute.

• We were super late to school, thanks to the Great Coffee Flood and the fact that I had to wrap a book for Zoe’s class book exchange. And then we forgot the book. Minor swearing ensued.

• Operating on autopilot while working, I made an error that my supervisor and I couldn’t fix.

At this point I just sat at my desk and ugly cried. The crying wasn’t about work. It was a culmination of everything that had happened so far, with the main factor being that I was just feeling so damn overwhelmed. And sometimes you just need a good cry. It was too much, and I don’t even know what IT was. IT was just a feeling.

I don’t ever feel particularly stressed around the holidays, but it usually manifests itself in different ways. Like completely breaking down after realizing you clicked a wrong box and sent someone’s notification into The Nothing instead of their inbox.

Let’s just say it was not a good day to have zero Christmas cookies in the house.

Luckily there were some bright spots. And even as the craptastic day continued with other craptastic events including, but not limited to, me spilling an entire serving of green beans, me sitting in cat puke, and me getting a phone call from UPS informing me that the package I shipped to my dad has been “damaged,” only no one could tell me what the damage was or if they were still going to ship it or dispose of the package of cookies that I slaved over for days (like they would actually just throw my package away), these bright spots kept me going:

• This sticker that Christian slipped inside my laptop when he saw me leave all Eyeore-like. This kind of thing pretty much sums up our relationship.

• A group of online girlfriends who lift me up when I’m feeling down (and who let me pipe up and say TODAY SUCKS!)

• A bottle of Hubert’s lemonade

• This meme, which – believe it or not – had nothing to do with the sticker above:

horn dogs everywhere buzz and woody

• Sharing some mutual girl-crush moments with a much-admired friend.

• This awesome panda sticker comment:

panda sticker

• Going to bed super early and falling asleep with a book on my face. Technically I haven’t done that yet, but I’m on my way. As Scarlett put it, “Tumarrah is anuthah day!”


How do you bounce back from a crappy day?

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on passion

I’ve been wracking my brain for the past couple of days, trying to think of something – anything – that I’ve ever been truly passionate about. I’m coming up short.

Let’s go through my short history.

I always loved art, and I still do, but I was never passionate about it. I can spout off random fact and interesting anecdotes about various artists and paintings. I’ll still immerse myself in an art museum or gallery from time to time. But I’m happy to leave it. In college I rarely went into the studio during non-classtime hours. I knew I wasn’t going to move to New York and try my hand at making a career, even though I had spent practically my entire life declaring that that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I was good at it, and maybe that’s why I liked it so much. We often enjoy things we are good at.

Even now as a writer and a blogger, I can’t say I’m truly passionate about writing and blogging. I don’t eat, sleep and breathe writing. I love it, and it’s something I enjoy doing, and something that has led me to lots of fabulous opportunities, but if it came to a choice between writing and taking a nap? I’d take the nap.

Come to think of it, I am pretty passionate about napping. I will nap you under the table.

SeaWorld Christmas

Over the weekend I got to meet a few people who have what I consider to be that rare passion for what they do.

One after another, trainers and handlers in the SeaWorld dolphin, orca, beluga whale, and bird habitats spoke to us and told their stories, which all were mostly some variation of this:

I visited the park as a kid, and I said, “This is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Can you imagine?

I admire and envy that kind of passion, the passion they have for their jobs, for their animals, and the thirst for knowledge they have as they continue to learn about these magnificent creatures, both at the park and in partnership with other research scientists. I admire the tenacity involved in following a goal from dream to actualization. These people never lost sight of what it was that they wanted, and now they are able to say they are truly doing what they love. Dream job.

I look back and I think, Did I miss my passion? Was there something that I came across as a kid and said “Man! I want to do THAT!”  I don’t know, maybe if it involved ice cream or making those Jacob’s ladder things with the edges of the paper from the dot matrix printer. What I do know is that if we or our children are lucky enough to stumble upon something that makes our eyes grow wide with wonder and fills us with joy, that’s something to pay attention to. I left inspired to explore more of the things that interest me, but that I convince myself I have no time for. Sure, it’s possible I could grow weary of it once I realize that I am not that great at embroidery and vacuuming is actually super boring. But that initial interest and fascination could turn into a life-long passion. (Totally not going to be embroidery or vacuuming though. Sorry.)

I wonder if I had met Pepper the Gentoo Penguin as a kid, or any penguin, would I have had the same pull to them as I do now? They are my absolute favorite. Obviously, I need a penguin now.





Right now it’s looking like the passions around my house mainly revolve around Ninja Turtles, making homemade books about Ninja Turtles, and eating Pirate Booty. But Zoe is showing some promise with her ability to quote just about every single fact from every single Wild Kratts episode ever made, so there’s that. OUR HOPES AND DREAMS LIE ON YOU, LITTLE ONE.


Have you ever experienced real passion? Keep it clean, folks. We’re not talking about THAT kind of passion.





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don’t tell Zoe…

….that it’s not really pronounced bluebomment.

….that she did not, in fact, lose her teeth “a long long long long long time ago” and her baby teeth grew in after them.

….that an entire morning of board games is one of the most effective forms of torture for parents. Yes! please! You may now play your iPad!


….that Chris Kratt is married with 5 kids and like 40+ years her senior.

….that it’s about time the 2T polka dot jacket she covets was sent out to pasture.

….along with that favorite dress that’s looking more like a shirt these days.

….that she has Nutella all over her face.

….that as much as you love playing “Ninja Turtle Scares Mommy,” there are only so many circles a mommy can stand to run around the couch.

….that “eecause” starts with a B.

….that I really love it when she comes and snuggles in my bed, especially when she starts flailing and throwing her legs over me.

….actually, go ahead and tell her that part, about the leg flailing thing.

….that her stubbornness and determination will probably make her a real go-getter one day, but probably more like a complete asshole to work with.


….to smile.

….that she’s cute.

….that those shoes are too big.

….or that those shoes are too small.

….just…it’s best you just stay quiet and try not to make any sudden movements.


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some stuff: post Thanksgiving edition


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper myself. I don’t really care for crowds just to save a few bucks, but I am going to try to support some smaller companies on Small Business Saturday.

I have been terribly sick on and off for the past several days, and it’s made enjoying Thanksgiving vacation a little difficult. But I’m thankful that I’ve had people around to help take care of me without complaint. My poor husband has been a saint, but I know he is itching for me to get better. Me too, because watching everyone else eat is no fun.

But for now, some stuff!


some stuff

Listen to Your Mother 2015 is coming!

Hilarious from The Onion: Ira Glass exhausted from doing every single voice on “This American Life.”

Compassion is painful. That’s how you know it’s working. 

I am obsessed with tUnE-yArDs. I’ve been listening to them endlessly on days when I’m home working, and they’re eclectic tunes from their latest album Nikki Nack are so much fun to listen to.

Being Fly. My friend Angela interviewed for the position of Dream Director, and had to “be fly.” She’s so inspiring, and I can’t think of anyone better for this job. “Being fly is being authentic and being unafraid to connect and dream and go for it, no matter how old you are.”

Too late for Thanksgiving, but I’m sure this guy is available for other family functions.

There are good people in this world.

The One I Wrote for You is a San Antonio-filmed and based movie about a singer/songwriter who gave up his dream long ago, but is pulled back into the spotlight by a reality TV songwriting contest. Starring Cheyenne Jackson, Kevin Pollack, Christopher Lloyd, and more, The One I Wrote for You premieres across Texas on December 5. If you love to promote locally produced films, you love music, or you just want to stare into Cheyenne Jackson’s blue eyes, then give this one a chance.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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what I’m watching: random edition

As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I share my favorite things to stream online. 



My Netflix watching has been all kinds of random this month. But you know what? That’s the beauty of Netflix.

Christian and I bought a new TV as an early Christmas present to ourselves, and we’ve just been having fun with it. Our old was was about 11 years old, and he found a great deal, so we went for it. I’ve never been one to need the latest and greatest, but man, those zombies on The Walking Dead are coming through crystal clear.

First, what we’ve been watching….

burt-s buzz posterBurt’s Buzz – I first heard about this from my friend Corrin at Oh Hey, What’s up? Burt’s Buzz is a documentary centered around Burt Shavitz, the eclectic co-founder and face of Burt’s Bees. It was so interesting to see the distant relationship he holds with the company and hear how he, a no-frills loner, feels about his “fame.”







django-unchained-final-american-movie-posterDjango Unchained – Not gonna lie, I didn’t want to watch this when we had the option to rent it from Amazon. I just wasn’t interested. But we pulled it up one night on Netflix, and it really is a fantastic movie. Gory to all hell (it is Quentin Taratino after all), but a good story with fantastic actors. I loved Christoph Waltz’s character (you may remember his as the complete asshole Nazi from Inglorious Bastards), and Leonardo DiCaprio gives a great performance as a slave master. And Jamie Foxx’s Django was completely lovable and badass at the same time.

Fun fact: Did you know that Zoe is named after a character in a Quentin Tarantino movie? We settled on her name after watching Death Proof. We’d been having trouble for weeks coming up with something we really liked. One of the characters in the movie was named Zoe, and I said, “Huh. Zoe. I like that.” DONE.


TWD-S4B-Key-Art-796The Walking Dead – What, you aren’t watching this show? We’re all caught up to the latest episodes, but we started watching the first three seasons on Netflix. Christian had already watched some of it, and finally convinced me to give it a chance. The first episode I thought I was going to completely lose my mind, I was so anxious. “If the rest of the episodes are like this,” I said, “I can’t do it.” But of course as with any good show, we have gotten totally invested in the characters. Daryl forever, y’all.




I was sick this past weekend, so I was able to catch up with Katniss in Catching Fire before I head out to see Mockingjay soon. And yes, I’m still watching Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbach, you are growing on me, sir.


The kids are watching all kinds of silly holiday and non-holiday goodness, so I thought I would round up a few of our favorites. The best part is that we don’t have to commit to anything and don’t feel bad about turning something off if it’s completely terrible, which may or may not have happen last night.

netflix november


Robin Hood – One of my all time favorite Disney movies.

The Muppet Christmas Carol – Who doesn’t love the Muppets?

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Wild Kratts – Zoe could watch the Wild Kratts all day and all night. She has a terrible crush on Chris Kratt, but it’s her undying love for animals that really keeps her interest. She spouts out the most random things she’s learned from the show, and her enthusiasm is unwavering.


What are you watching?

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an office space with uncommon goods

This post is graciously sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods believes that it is their responsibility to use their business to impact the world in a positive way. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support this little blog.


I have a new desk! Of my own!

For the past, oh, forever, I’ve had my laptop firmly planted on the dining room table, unless I took it with me when I firmly planted my butt on the couch or on my bed. We live in a smallish house, around 1600 square feet, so there’s not a lot of extra room personal space. The dining room table, although in the middle of the house, was the only place where I could carve out a little space.

But it was never a perfect solution. The kids are constantly drawing, and we’ve amassed piles and piles of drawings of Ninja Turtles, baby spiders, family portraits, Hello Kitty, and then there are the fun times when Zoe goes on a snowflake-making bender, leaving itty bitty teeny weeny microscopic pieces of paper littering my floor like confetti. I myself have kind of a “paperwork” problem, where I collect any and all papers that I need to read, respond to, fill out, remind me of something, along with my calendar, notebook, and other random, super important crap.

The worlds were going to collide, and it wasn’t going to be pretty. I needed a space of my own.

A few weeks ago Christian got a wild hair to rearrange our bedroom, which allowed space for an old desk we had sitting around collecting dust. Years ago it was my art table, so its black formica was paint splattered and stained. For the past several years, every time the bulk trash people came around, I was tempted to put it on the curb, but it never found its way out there.

Thank goodness, because look at this baby now!

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Check out the LTYM poster in the left corner. Vintage 2012.

I cannot believe how good it looks, and you would not believe how happy it makes me. For the longest time I’ve wanted a little space to call my own, and if i can’t have my own room, dammit, at least I have my little haven. Before I painted it, the area was so dark and dreary. Our bedroom gets terrible natural light, even with the huge sliding door on one side (pro tip: do NOT buy a house with a sliding door in the bedroom, unless you want to play revolving cats all night, every night). Painting the desk white and stealing the kids’ lamp from the playroom has really brightened up the space.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

See that mug? I made it in college ceramics. Finally getting some use out of it.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Beware the blinding cosmic light!

The great people at Uncommon Goods sent me the beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall. When I first chose it, I wasn’t sure where I would put it. Maybe the girls room? My gallery wall? I wasn’t sure. Christian suggested I hang it above my desk, and so it was. And it was this piece that inspired me to get the ball rolling on refurbishing this terrible ugly desk that is terrible and ugly no more.

Plus, I kinda need this message too.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Uncommon Goods has long been one of my favorite places to buy gifty things. It’s one of the few physical catalogs that I hang onto so I can flip through it while the kids eat their after school snack. Uncommon Goods supports and provides a platform for artists and designers. About half of their products are made by hand, many incorporating recycled or upcycled materials. There’s a huge range of unique items for those people in your life that just don’t need another pair of gloves or socks (find great gifts for your wacky aunt here or something unique for your hard-to-shop-for brother here).


I love sitting down to work at my desk (which I am doing RIGHT NOW). I love looking at it from the other room. I love how much bigger and cleaner it seems with it’s fresh white coat of paint. I kinda feel like a grownup sitting here.

Then Rachel sat down and pretended to be me. She set up all of her little tchotchkes and got to work drawing some ninja turtle pictures. And apparently this is the face I make when I am working?

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting


diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting


I really hope she lets me keep these here. Every blogger needs a snake/kitty/ninja/Batgirl team to keep her pumping out kickass content.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Oh. How sweet. Two seconds after this I caught them drawing on my new white desk. No pictures, because we need to retain the beauty of this moment. And my desk.

Uncommon Goods also sent me a package of these adorable little paper angels (find more Christmas gifts here). I love the different colors and patterns and the simplicity of the design, and I can’t wait to include them in my Christmas decorations this year. This one just might stay here on my pretty new desk with me.

uncommon goods paper angels




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how NOT to run with your iPhone

This weekend was overcast and cold – like two pairs of pants cold. Saturday we had soccer and a fire in the fireplace and napping, so Sunday I decided I had better go for a run to get my muscles going and work off some of the Christmas-wrapped Hershey Kisses I downed, cold, misty weather be damned.

I was about to google how many minutes one had to run per Kiss, but then I decided not to depress myself.

By afternoon the annoying misty rain had quit, but it was still pretty cold. I headed out in my Under Armor compression capris (the ones with the hole in them from getting snagged in some Tough Mudder barbed wire 2 years ago), running tee (Kirkland’s Best, y’all!), and my C9 running jacket. And today I carried my phone in my husband’s FlipBelt.

My old iPhone 4s armband has worked just fine for my 6 up until recently. The 6 is bigger, so it’s a tight fit, and I sometimes have to velcro it SO tightly onto my arm – especially if I’m wearing a slippery long-sleeved tech tee – that the phone’s power and volume buttons go haywire. My last few runs have been interrupted by my music getting turned alllll the way down or alllll the way up. Stopping to fix these things takes away precious energy. Not to mention is is just hella annoying to have your favorite song just disappear while you’re mid-jam.

I’ve used the FlipBelt around the house to store my phone while I’m doing housework and listening to podcasts (Serial, y’all. Listen to it. It’s amazing.), but this was the first time I had run with it. It didn’t jostle or ride up or down, like my annoying compression pants do. But about a mile into my run, I felt something tugging on my earbuds, and I looked down to see something dangling from my waistband and OMG IT’S MY IPHONE HANGING BY A PURPLE EARBUD WIRE.

You know, I had a dream the night before – a nightmare really – that I had dropped and shattered my phone. I have never broken a phone to date, and I don’t intend to start now.

So I continued on my run, hip-checking myself every 3 seconds. The 6 is a slippery little fucker, and I was paranoid that it was going to slide out again. This wasn’t supposed to happen with the FlipBelt. It was designed to hold all of my belongings, safe and snug and secure, and so I could zone out and not think about running while I was actually running. But all I could think about was how every step was a step towards death for my poor phone. The constant checking wasted precious physical and mental energy. I’m still so fresh and out of shape after my injury, I have no time to waste with faulty gear.


“It’s just that there’s pocket openings all around the belt, so there’s no safe place for my phone!” I said to Christian when I got home and told him about my phone’s near death experience.

“Well, yeah. You put your stuff in the openings, and flip the belt over. So they’re covered.”

“Flip it over?” I said. “Oh…I guess that’s why it’s called a FLIPBelt.”  OH. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

You guys, the patience with which this man deals with me is unprecedented. Bless him.

To be fair, FlipBelt’s own damn logo is on the same side of the belt as the pocket openings. So once it’s flipped, you can’t even see the logo, AND there’s a tag on the non-pocket side, totally making it look like the underside of the belt. AND all of the ridiculously fit and tan people in their photos are wearing the belt with the logo facing out. That’s just confusing for us dumb people, and poor design if you ask me. I know you didn’t, but still.


Left: the pretty outside of the belt that is supposedly supposed to go on the inside. Right: the inside of the belt that is supposed to go on the outside? IDK. I’m confused.


So next time will be FlipBelt 2.0, new and improved, and with it’s actual intended purpose. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it works, but I’m sure it will. Things usually do work when you use them the right way and all.

• • • • •

In running-related news, I’m excited to announce that I’m serving as an ambassador for ZOOMA Texas and the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series! I ran ZOOMA in 2012, where I was also an ambassador, and it was such a good time, and the event that I credit to “making” me a runner. Since then, as you all know, I’ve been suffering from terrible sciatica that stemmed from a herniated disc in my lower back. But I’ve ben deemed well enough to not only run, but start training again. I’m still terrified that the pain will return, but now at least I (and my physical therapist) know how to manage it if it does.

ZOOMA Texas is held on March 28, 2015 at the gorgeous (and hilly!) Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Bastrop, TX. Registration is now open for the 5K, 10K, and the half marathon. Save 10% on registration for any of the distances by using the code LEIGHANN15. Find more info about ZOOMA Texas here. Will I see you there?

zooma texas austin




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some stuff: I’m cold edition

I have no witty intro because it’s Thursday night and I’m cold and want to go to bed. So.

some links

My friends Poppy and Tammy from the Blogging Betties interviewed me for their kickass podcast. We talked about things like why I don’t stress out about my Facebook reach, and how if it’s between writing a post and going to bed, I will choose bed every single time. Basically I am a lazy blogger. Give it a listen, then poke around their site for a while. It’s full of great blogging resources.

My kids may hate soccer, but I was lucky enough to befriend one of the moms on our team, and she has a hilarious new blog called Dear Mama. It’s “Dear Abby meets DEAR GOD, THAT IS A USED TISSUE: WHY ARE YOU EATING IT?” and it’s completely hilarious. 

Why I never let me kids quit…anything — From Grown and Flown: “Passions are not like dreams for most of us, we don’t wake up one morning and find they have miraculously come to us in the night. Parents often talk about helping kids find their passions. But passions do not always reveal themselves unbidden, as often they are a result of hard work and dedication, the joy that comes of doing something well.”

The Limits of Friendship — From The New Yorker: “‘What Facebook does and why it’s been so successful in so many ways is it allows you to keep track of people who would otherwise effectively disappear,’ he said. But one of the things that keeps face-to-face friendships strong is the nature of shared experience: you laugh together; you dance together; you gape at the hot-dog eaters on Coney Island together. We do have a social-media equivalent—sharing, liking, knowing that all of your friends have looked at the same cat video on YouTube as you did—but it lacks the synchronicity of shared experience. It’s like a comedy that you watch by yourself: you won’t laugh as loudly or as often, even if you’re fully aware that all your friends think it’s hysterical.”

Suck at something? Do it anyway. — on Medium: “When I was growing up, I thought, ‘Nothing is worth doing unless you can do it perfectly.’ This is a stupid bullshit devil thing to think and/or believe. I now say, ‘Nothing is worth doing unless you can do it mostly okay.'” (H/t Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s Up?)

Creepiest thing I’ve ever seen

I completely relate to the introvert parent in this essay.

The BuzzFeed guys have done it again.


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