For days now Claire has been randomly telling me how nervous she is about school starting. Sometimes it’s a chipper, “I’m really nervous about school!” And sometimes her mood changes in an instant from smiles to slumped shoulders, her face collapses, and she sighs, “I’m so nervous about school.” In a perfect world, I would take […]

sentimentalism at the local Costco

I got bummed out today. At Costco. Rachel and Claire have snapped right back into the school routine without me having to follow them around all morning, wagging my finger and whispering sweet nothings into their ears like “TEETH!” or “SHOES” and “It’s not necessary to change your underwear for a third time this morning.” […]

back to school with Zappos and the #dayofwow

This post is generously sponsored by Zappos. “How many balloons do you think are in there?” I asked my kids, pen poised over the scrap of paper to place in the jar. “Five thousand fifty hundred!” So we need a little work on our numbers. Mainly the concept that “five thousand fifty hundred” is not […]

first day of first grade photo bonanza

Obligatory first day of school photos in front of the door! First day of first grade. It’s damn near impossible to get a photo of them together where they aren’t practically making out. Twins. What can you do, eh? Claire had her heart set on her long skirt and tank top. Rachel originally picked out a skirt, […]

I thought we had a little more time

Last year before kindergarten, I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to order the girls expensive, quality backpacks, complete with coordinating lunch boxes, or to let them pick out cheap character ones from Target. This damn decision ate me so alive, you’d think I’d been tasked with deciding which college they would be attending. I […]