I turned 37 recently, and for weeks in my head I had been writing about how I am completely happy and content reaching my mid-to-late 30s. But before I could get anything down on paper, our dishwasher broke, and I found myself spending inordinate amounts of time hand-washing dishes and cursing our need to eat food […]


Today was my birthday. I’m 36. I was planning a whole post about how, other than getting to go see a movie in the middle of the day with Christian, today really was just another day. But then I looked back and read last year’s post, and it pretty much said the same thing. So. Newsflash. […]

the realist’s guide to making an ombre cake

Zoe had a birthday last weekend. She turned four, and like all little girls between the ages of 0 and 103, she naturally wanted a Disney Frozen-themed party. Pro-tip: Always say DISNEY before FROZEN, unless you want to get weird looks from people when you say you looked everywhere, but you couldn’t find any Frozen […]

The very merriest birthday to you. To who?

Oh, Zoe. You’re two today. Two? Really? Already? It seems like just yesterday I was riddled with the insufferable sufferings of the fiercest stomach bug ever to hit this household, and then you were all, “Quit vomiting for 5 minutes, woman, and get me outta here!” What a way to come into the world. I […]

Week in My Life: Saturday

This week I’m participating in a Week in My Life with Melissa over at Adventuroo. Read more about the project here. Oh my GOD it’s finally the weekend! Is it me, or was this week long? But today was….my birthday! I’m 27! I’m lying. I’m 33. I know. Crypt keeper. This morning I got to […]