Multiples Illuminated: connection and commiseration through stories

If there had been a book like Multiples Illuminated when I was pregnant with twins or caring for two infants, I would have eaten that up like a salted caramel chocolate bar. When you’re a twin parent, connection with other twin parents and the reassurance that you’re not alone is one of the most valuable […]

reclaim the good parts of parenting

I’m going to start off by saying right up front that this book – Get the Behavior You Want…Without Being the Parent You Hate – has pretty much changed my outlook on parenting. Family doctor and parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa has put together such a well-organized, easy to read manual on effective parenting, with advice for […]

The Art of Eating a Moose for Hours

I bought books tonight. Real, honest to goodness books. With pages.Lately my reading time has been consumed by blogs. Any blogger will tell you that reading blogs is a double edged sword: you have so many you love to read, and it’s the best way to spread the bloggy love and get your name out […]