Toddler Smackdown: Costco Style

Like any good smackdown, it happened on a Wednesday. Let me tell you something about Zoe. This girl is a charmer. At home? Total terror. In public? Instant sweetheart, people magnet, and reason women say their ovaries are exploding. Strangers flock to her like moths to a flame. bees to honey, Kardashians to a flashbulb. […]

This is why I should just not talk to people

I grew up what I describe as painfully shy. Which I later learned came across to a lot of other people as just plain old stuck up. Isn’t it nice when lack of confidence gets mistaken for snobbery? High school’s fun. Anyway, I grew out of it mostly, or at least I can kind of […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to my weekly Attitude of Gratitude! If this is you’re first time stopping by, read about why I started my weekly gratitude post.   This week I’m grateful for:   Lunch dates with Daddy. Lollipops at the pediatrician’s office. And our pedi, because we absolutely love her. Rachel hugged her when she saw her. […]