For days now Claire has been randomly telling me how nervous she is about school starting. Sometimes it’s a chipper, “I’m really nervous about school!” And sometimes her mood changes in an instant from smiles to slumped shoulders, her face collapses, and she sighs, “I’m so nervous about school.” In a perfect world, I would take […]

Some quick thoughts on kindergarten because it’s all I can manage right now

It has been a WEEK. No joke, I’ve started about 57 posts in the past 3 days, and I just can’t bring myself to string a coherent sentence together. Truth be told, this week has been rough on all of us. I expected it to be an adjustment for the girls, but honestly, I didn’t […]


Today was (finally) the first day back at school (hooray!) for the 4 year olds (yippee!). And I didn’t sleep a wink last night. All summer long, as we trudged through gymnastics classes, swimming lessons, and day after long day here at home, I’ve said that I absolutely cannot wait until these two are separated in school […]