No sew bat costumes for the super lazy

This year in preparation for Halloween, all the girls could talk about were ghosts. I asked them about a million times, and each time they insisted that they wanted to be GHOSTS for Halloween. Super! This mom can do that! See, I’ve made their costumes every Halloween for the past 4 years, this one being […]

Pumpkin? Too bad, you’re a butterfly.

This is probably the last year that I can dictate what Rachel and Claire are going to be for Halloween. They’re starting to form those pesky opinions of their own. But I went ahead and chose something for all three of them. As the holiday neared, we talked about dressing up. They were excited about […]

Halloween on the cheap

I usually make the kids’ Halloween costumes. I don’t bust out the sewing machine or anything, but I physically put something together as opposed to buying a premade costume. It’s usually cheaper, plus I get a certain satisfaction from making it myself. For their first Halloween, R&C were little white mice. White long sleeved onesies […]