Things I do to avoid doing what I’m supposed to do

I complain a lot that I don’t have any leisure time. Since our days are napless and even movie times result in “I need snack!” and “I need drink!” and that oh so pesky “Sit wit me, Mommy!” I really can’t get anything worthwhile done during daylight hours. So at “OMG they’re finally in bed” […]

Four requirements?

There’s nothing like a new year coming up to give us all the feeling of renewal. A fresh start. Another chance to do things right. I admit, I’m a resolution person. I don’t see the harm in setting a few goals for yourself, and what better time to hit the start button on your new […]

Time is Not on My Side. Or I have Mommy ADD.

Note:  I found this post in my drafts, written in May of 2010, and it brought back such distinct memories that I just had to post it for you guys. Obviously I got it mostly written, saved it, then completely forgot about it. Such is the Mommy Brain. It goes well with our Rocking the […]

Rule 12: Cleanliness is Overrated

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my attempts to regain a bit of my sense of self, and my sanity, by implementing Elizabeth Lyons’ 32 Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get the whole series! Don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s assignment for each rule at the […]