kite day hero

Last Friday was Kite Day for the kindergarteners. Parents welcome! Please come help your 5 and 6-year-olds fly kites! Because we damn well know they can’t do it on their own! A festival of tangled tails¬†and flying failures! Something you should know about me: I hate flying kites.¬†Mainly because I just plain don’t know how […]

finding a good after school routine

I told you guys that if I ever found a successful post-kindergarten day routine, I would shout it from the rooftops. Well here I am! Shouting! On rooftops! Also, this post is kinda long, but with GIFs! Kindergarten life should always be described with GIFs. We’ve gone through a great many phases of change from […]

Some quick thoughts on kindergarten because it’s all I can manage right now

It has been a WEEK. No joke, I’ve started about 57 posts in the past 3 days, and I just can’t bring myself to string a coherent sentence together. Truth be told, this week has been rough on all of us. I expected it to be an adjustment for the girls, but honestly, I didn’t […]

Grad season! Hooray! Also Waaaahhhh!

So this happened. I feel like for the past several weeks I’ve been so focused on the fact that preschool will soon be out and the kids will be home with me all day every day, that I’ve completely glossed over the fact that Tuesday was their last day of preschool. EVER. And after this […]