some stuff: awkward moments edition

Christian hopes we can go out on this level of glory. Perfect response. Grammar gifts! I need #4. This is amazing: Awkward moments with The Bloggess (Mine’s in there somewhere) 20 minutes feels doable. That’s it! I haven’t read much this week. I’ve been really busy with activities and stuff and playing lots and lots […]

some stuff: tell it to my heart edition

I’ve had this Some Stuff sitting in my drafts for ages. Meh. It’s summer. We’re busy summering and stuff. First off, I watched the new Tig documentary, and it was amazing. Of course. But probably almost as amazing was getting retweeted by Taylor Dayne.   Interesting conversation on the GiaB Facebook page the other day: […]

some stuff – happy long weekend edition

Happy long weekend! Unless you spent your whole weekend offline, then…Happy Tuesday?   From Medium –¬†Letter to the Couple Licking Each Other Next to Me on This Couch On The New Yorker – Playground Purgatory (hiLARious) In honor of Mad Men hanging up its hat – Don Draper Rates the Strength of Your Wifi Password […]

some stuff: wtf is that song? edition

Ladies and gentlemen, Kanye. The other day during my run (okay, more like 3 weeks ago, since I am a slacker) I heard this amazing song. It was ethereal and indie and everything I love in a song, and I just had to know what it was. Unfortunately digging my phone out of my FlipBelt […]

some stuff: “I’ve been busy” edition

I’ve been busy, blah blah blah, HOLIDAYS, blah blah blah, WORK, blah blah blah, SICK CHILDREN, blah blah blah. Pretty much all of that. I’m not one to apologize for not blogging, but I’ve been too busy to think in anything longer than 140 characters. Aside from baking about 8 million cookies, agonizing over Christmas […]