some stuff: wtf is that song? edition

Ladies and gentlemen, Kanye. The other day during my run (okay, more like 3 weeks ago, since I am a slacker) I heard this amazing song. It was ethereal and indie and everything I love in a song, and I just had to know what it was. Unfortunately digging my phone out of my FlipBelt […]

producing motherhood

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire Saturday and the following Monday and Tuesday evenings sitting in a chair, my coffee cup and bags of Hot Tamales within arm’s reach, listening to stories. We were auditioning potential cast members for Listen to Your Mother: Austin. There were beautiful stories, hilarious stories, heartfelt stories, […]

Announcing Listen to Your Mother Austin 2014!

I am a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. Flip flops. Flats if I’m feeling fancy. Basically, I like being comfortable. Things I don’t like include being in uncomfortable situations, trying new things, and the unknown. And pickles. I don’t really like pickles. The last time I really stepped out of my comfort zone, I […]

Listen to Your Mother: From here to eternity

What can I say about Sunday’s Listen to Your Mother show? I can say it was amazing, but “amazing” is a totally overused word. As is “totally.” No, Sunday’s show was more than amazing, or totally amazing, or even amazeballs, because I am in no way cool enough to use that word freely. I’m still […]