Date nights for boring, old people

Anniversaries as parents to little kids are hard. For our eleventh last week, I was content to do our usual romantic take out from That Place That’s Good, But Not Too Expensive, You Know, The One You Ordered From Last Year? But nay. This boy, he’s a romantic, even if he does preface the evening […]

14 tips to pass the time on that long run

Some friends of mine are training for half marathons! YAY! Go, gurls! Then one admitted that after going for a 3 mile run, she couldn’t imagine running 13. Not because she physically didn’t think she could do it, but because it was so. damn. boring. I get that. Training for a half is tedious, intimidating, […]

Zooma Texas Half Marathon Recap: Battling my demons to the end

As I go through my daily activities this week, I sometimes stop and think I can’t believe I ran a half marathon a few days ago. I did it. I DID it. I did it. Being someone who commits to things almost to a fault, I’m not as surprised by the fact that I did it […]

Rule 12: Cleanliness is Overrated

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my attempts to regain a bit of my sense of self, and my sanity, by implementing Elizabeth Lyons’ 32 Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get the whole series! Don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s assignment for each rule at the […]