remember that time you got socked in the face?

Hey, remember that time your sister dropped an empty water bottle on your face, and it hit you just right so that you immediately started screaming bloody murder? And I was all, “Calm down, Felix, it can’t be that bad”? And then I went over to you and saw that your left eye was already […]

5 year old philosophy and some stuff

On good advice: Christian: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Claire: A monkey swings from a tree. Christian: Damn you’re good.   On the original philosophical masters: Have you ever heard of Socrates or Plato? Yeah. Those are ostriches.   On animals: How do animals eat? With their mouth. But people eat food. […]

Haircuts and butts: A must read

Remember when I talked about how only terrible (or all) parents let their kids go around with messy hair? Well, we rectified that with a trip to the “beauty shop” as my sweet grandmother calls it. Only I don’t think hers has princess decorated stations and all-you-can-watch screenings of Happy Feet. But why would we […]