The de-cribbing

This past weekend we decided to take a huge leap in taking the fronts off the twins’ cribs. Yes they are almost four, and yes they have still been happily sleeping in cribs until now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We knew this day had to come, but like just about every other […]

What does the bump lead to?

Last month I graced you with some saucy and less than saucy photos of me during my two pregnancies. And while pregnancy for me wasn’t all sunshine, roses, and unicorn poop, I definitely have some sunshiny and rosy pics that came of it. The poop? Not so unicornish.       But I wasn’t done. […]

Crazy but true

Note added after publishing: I should have identified my bloggy friend Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s Up? for inspiring this post. The first time we met and I mentioned I had twins, she said the ever popular phrase below…“Awwww…..I always wanted twins!”I get this comment a lot. And it always makes me laugh out loud.Maybe […]