And then the circus came to town

I had a plan. Today I was totally going to write about how the TigerCat had been gone for a week, and right when I started like feeling some feelings and stuff, I finally discovered he had taken up residence in the backyard of an elderly couple a block over. Then I was going to […]

Is motherhood really the hardest job on the planet?

Christian’s all crazy about this new comedy station on the radio, and heard the following clip on his way home from work. Give it a watch; it’s pretty funny. So at dinner he asked, “Do you think that being a mom is the hardest job in the world?” I scrunched up my face. “Mmmmm…not really,” […]

Rules 17: Expect Misunderstandings

The winner of the Julie Anne Rhodes membership is below! Was it you?     This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my attempts to regain a bit of my sense of self, and my sanity, by implementing Elizabeth Lyons’ 32 Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom. Subscribe to my RSS feed to follow my […]

Fighting the ridiculous fights

As she stands in the water table in her Tinkerbell panties and jammie top, frantically waving an orange toothbrush in the air, I think, “I should really make her get down before she inevitably falls and bashes her head on a rock.” And then I’d have to make the ever difficult decision of whether or not her gaping wound […]

Time is Not on My Side. Or I have Mommy ADD.

Note:  I found this post in my drafts, written in May of 2010, and it brought back such distinct memories that I just had to post it for you guys. Obviously I got it mostly written, saved it, then completely forgot about it. Such is the Mommy Brain. It goes well with our Rocking the […]

Know when to say “wean”

I have to make a decision. I hate making decisions.I feel in my gut that it’s time to wean Zoe. She’s almost 14 months, eating big girl food, drinking big girl milk. Walking everywhere. Chasing and giggling at the dog, the cat, her sisters.I didn’t have this tough decision weighing on my with the big […]