those damn Facebook memories

I love the Facebook memories feature. I also hate the Facebook memories feature. It’s fun to scroll through the things I’ve said or posted in the past, especially when it involves chubby babies screaming at each other in an echoing hallway. (If I could figure out how to embed that video here, I would, but […]

Thanksgiving preparations of mediocrity

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, and even though my mother in law is only one extra person, I’m following my usual routine of overwhelm, which means I’m sitting comfortably in the land of CANNOT COMPUTE/MUST SHUT DOWN/SEE YOU AFTER ALL THE EXCITEMENT IS OVER. It’s what happens when I’m expected to do more than surf […]

Holiday rememberance

The holiday season is exciting and magical with young children. As they grow, little moments start to come out of the woodwork–moments that will become traditions and things that I want my children to remember when they’re older and attempting to create their own lives. Like holiday baking. As soon as people start talking about […]