Another year, another Advent calendar failure

Every year at the beginning of December, I lament the fact that we don’t have an Advent calendar. When I was a kid, my grandmother always had an Advent calendar for us, a cute, hanging fabric thingy with numbered pockets and candy. Or maybe it was more the punch-out-the-chocolate variety, and probably only one year. […]

Happy Father’s Day! We got you some tires.

A little ditty about our Sunday.   I am admittedly terrible at things like Father’s Day. Or Christian’s birthday. And Christmas. basically any day that doesn’t revolve around me. I think about gifts to get, cards to make, fun crafts to put together, and then BAM! It’s Sunday morning and I’m rushing to get the […]

And then the circus came to town

I had a plan. Today I was totally going to write about how the TigerCat had been gone for a week, and right when I started like feeling some feelings and stuff, I finally discovered he had taken up residence in the backyard of an elderly couple a block over. Then I was going to […]

Activities not meant for introverts

I am an introvert. It’s not uncommon for us online personalities. We flourish behind our keyboards, coming out of our shells on the screen as we type witty status updates, tweets, and thoughtful blog posts. I carry on virtual conversations with the best of them, but put me in front of someone, and I can […]

Headshots: A humbling experience

I got headshots taken yesterday. Sidenote: Every time I type “headshots,” I end up missing the “o” and typing “headshits.” Which would probably be more accurate. Having your photo deliberately taken is a humbling experience, preceded only by childbirth (vaginal or c-section, all your goods are on display for even the lowest rung assistant to […]

So why DO I run? It’s complicated.

Oh, hey there. I’m just sitting here at my dining room table in my yoga pants, t-shirt, and running shoes. I should note that I have never touched a yoga mat, I don’t remember the last time I “dined” at this table, and well, I’m not being a very good runner lately. I’m starting to […]

Running: Not quite a love story, but whatever

I hit the pavement for the first time yesterday since completing the Austin Tough Mudder event. It’s amazing how fast 2 weeks can fly by when you’re not actively training for something. You keep telling yourself things like “Tonight!” and then when tonight comes it’s “Okay, tomorrow then…” and then tomorrow morning comes and since […]