David Sedaris drew my butt (and other observations)

I have a crush on David Sedaris. Yes, I know he’s gay, and I’m married, he’s in his 50s, I’m super young and vibrant. It’s not a romantic crush of course. Just that feeling that you want to surround yourself with this person, learn all of their secrets, and maybe absorb some of their talent […]

how I write

1. What are you working on? Right now I am in full on Listen to Your Mother mode, and that doesn’t leave much time for writing. I’m lucky I got this post done, but hey, anything for procrastination, amirite? After our shows, I’m hoping to get back into writing more stories and essays, and I’m […]

why you should attend the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop

Last week Rachel and Claire each published a book in their kindergarten class. Claire wrote and illustrated a mini-memoir about visiting the Great Wolf Lodge last year, while Rachel wrote about how Mommy comes to wake her up in the morning. I was able to see their process from first draft to final, and now […]

Find the time to write

Note: I used Grammarly for¬†proofreading online¬†because sometimes even the biggest grammar snobs don’t catch their own mistakes. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Grammarly. Every once in a while I do sponsored posts because they help me contribute to my family or do fun things like go to conferences. All bad writing and terrible metaphors […]