The Twin Spin

Many many moons ago (ok, not that long, September 2008), I started a blog. My twins were 6 months old, and what I lacked in baby books, I planned to make up for in virtual documentation of every trial, tribulation, and triumph of our days. I named it something horribly embarrassing and stay at home momish, then got my act together and changed it to something way cooler. And The Twin Spin was born.

For a little over two years, I wrote about our lives for the benefit of family, friends, and myself, documenting well check stats, teeth broken through, roadtrips, and the apprehension and arrival of another child. I had a small base (like, really small) of readers who shared in our ups and downs.

So I’ve been around. But after about two and a half years of this, I got the itch for more. I wanted to write more. I wanted to write better. I wanted less “Here’s what we did last weekend,” and more “Here’s some genius that I’m compelled to bestow upon you today.”

And so here we are. New platform, new domain, new look, same me. Even better me if you go back and read some of my old posts and compare them to my more recent ones (Don’t! It’s embarrassing!).

All of the content from The Twin Spin has been migrated here to Genie in a Blog so we can all stay together. It’s where I started, where I rediscovered my love of writing, and where my kids’ lives are documented, and there was no way I could completely abandon it.

So if you see reference to The Twin Spin in past posts, that’s the skinny. Whether you followed me from over there, or you’re a new reader, I’m really glad you’re here now.